~ Rick Phillips Public Relations Providing Professional Marketing Services Since 1982 ~

Offering the Marketing Disciplines of Advertising, Public Relations, Publicity, Promotions, Internet, and Video

Phillips & Associates is a full-service marketing company providing personalized public relations, advertising and video multimedia methodologies for clients of all businesses looking to increase revenue.

Located in Delray Beach, Florida, Phillips & Associates is effective in developing and promulgating its clients' marketing strategies with the purpose of rapidly attracting customers.

Staying on the cutting edge of marketing techniques is vital to being an effective business component.

Phillips & Associates understands the ever-changing world of marketing and the plethora of ways businesses can be influenced by a well-planned marketing strategy.

There's No Substitute for Knowledge and Experience.

The Company, since 1982, has given its clients a distinct advantage in their marketplace by designing and implementing marketing programs that successfully influenced "the bottom line"... SALES.

Marketing can have a wide variety of goals and effects: • Branding • Positioning • Educating • Name Recognition • Driving Traffic to Door • Creating Urgency to Respond • Defusing Crises • Stimulating Word-of-Mouth referrals

In the final analysis, however, the only way most Companies determine success is by counting the beans. That is, how much sales revenue is being generated.

At Phillips & Associates, we understand business. And we know what a business's goals are. And we realize what drives its success. Revenue through Sales.

Phillips & Associates will study your business, your marketplace and your business fundamentals and budget. . . Then, we'll show you our proposed strategy for implementing a marketing program designed to launch your sales quickly and with increased momentum.

Cutting Through the Noise...

Phillips & Associates has innovative methods for showcasing its clients to their respective markets. There is so much noise and so much clutter in advertising and marketing these days. The secret is to effectively make targeted prospects aware of our clients' products and services.

When It Comes to Increasing Revenue, Phillips & Associates is your Best Choice for Driving Sales Through Marketing

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